ملخص الدرس / الثالثة ثانوي/اللغة الإنجليزية/Grammar/I’d rather do…- I’d rather do …than…- I’d prefer …to…

Prefer to do and prefer doing

You can use “prefer to (do)” or “prefer –ing” to say what you prefer in general:

E.g.1 I don’t like cities. I prefer to live in the country. or I prefer living in the country.


We say:

I prefer                                 something                                    to something else.

I prefer                                 doing something                           to doing something else

I prefer                                 to do something                            rather than (do) something else


  • I prefer this coat to the coat you were wearing yesterday.
  • I prefer driving to travelling by train.
  • I prefer to drive rather than travel by train.
  • Sarah prefers to live in the country rather than (Live) in a city.

Would prefer (I’d prefer ... )

Rule1 :

Subject + wouldprefer+ something

  • We use would prefer to say what somebody wants in a specific situation (not in general):
  • A: Would you prefer tea or coffee?

                         B: Coffee, please.


Subject+ would prefer+ to do something NOTprefer doing something

  • We say “would prefer to do something” (not usually would prefer doing):
  • A: Shall we go by train?

                         B: No… I'd prefer to drive.not I’d prefer driving

  • I’d prefer to stay at home tonight rather than go to the cinema.

Would rather (I’d rather ... )

Rule :

Subject+ would rather+ infinitive (without to)


  • Would rather (do) = would prefer (to do).


                                                I’d prefer to drive

Shall we go by train?                     Or

                                                I’d rather drive NOTto drive  

A: Would you rather have tea or coffee?

B: Coffee, please.


  • The negative is “I’d rather not (do something)” : 

I’m tired. I'd rather not go out this evening, if you don't mind.

A: Do you want to go out this evening?

B: I’d rather not.


  • We say “would rather do something thando something else”

I’d rather stay at home tonight than go to the cinema.

I’d rather revise my lessons than watch a movie.

We’d rather go home now than wait till the afternoon.