ملخص الدرس / الرابعة متوسط/اللغة الإنجليزية/File 2/Read and comprehend the written message


When you face a vocabulary problem in a conversation, don't stop talking .Use one of the following strategies:

Use a synonym.

Explain the meaning of the word with a complete sentence.

Ask for help using one of the questions below.

a. I don't know how to say it/what you call it.

b. I don't know the word in English.

c. What is the English for …?

d. What is /How do you say (own language word) in English?


When you write you use a number of link words to organize your ideas and make it easier for your reader to understand you. Here are some words which you can use

When listing points: first, first of all, to start with, ,in addition, moreover, besides ...

When giving examples: for example, for instance, such as, like, e.g.,

When presenting another side to an issue: however, but, on the other hand, yet...

When presenting results: as a result, so, therefore...

When summarizing: in conclusion, to sum up, to conclude, in short.